Glycerin soaps with immersed logo

Unlimited possibilities of shapes, sizes, colours and scents! An original and unforgettable way to promote your business and products!

Liquid soaps

High quality liquid soap in various colours and scents. A wide choice of bottles, dispenser and additional unit boxes. Eye-catching labels, traditional, two-sided or 3D immersed in the soap.

Natural liquid soaps

Exclusive soap for most demanding clients. Natural soap with proven care properties. Manufactured only from natural ingredients. Environmentally friendly

Fragrance diffusers

Long-lasting and unforgettable fragrances in our reed diffusers will fill your room all day long. Our stylish bottles can act as an attractive centrepiece on any surface in your office, reception area, restrooms as well as at any space at home.

Various soaps

Innovative shapes. Embossed logos. Variety of shapes and colours. Attractive packaging

Creams and lotions

Creams, lotions, balms for hand and body. Voluptuous texture and unique scents. Beneficial effects of our ingredients. A wide variety of packaging and labels

Hand sanitizers ANTI-COVID!

Refreshing hand sanitizers to use without water. They clean hands, hydrate and protect the skin. Multiple colours and scents. A wide variety of packaging and labels.

Lipbalms and petroleum jelly products

Petroleum jelly lip balms. Petroleum jelly products for hand and body care. Multiple scents and colours. Petroleum jelly for professional and home use. Wide range of packaging.

Fizzy bath bombs and tablets

Fizzy bath bombs and tablets. Moisturize and nourish your skin. Harmonious fragrances. Home SPA

Bath salts

Relaxing time for your body. Home SPA Sensual scents Fancy packaging

Shower gels, shampoos and bath gels

Invigorating shower gels. Shampoos for all types of hair. Bath gels - home SPA. A wide variety of packaging and labels.

Thermal water and face mists

Refreshment on hot summer days. Soothe and nourish your skin. Packaging: spray and atomiser.

Cleaner sprays

Cleaner sprays for smudge free surfaces of eyeglasses, computer and smartphone screens.

Holiday and seasonal products

Whether it is Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, the American Thanksgiving or Valentines Day, we have soaps for you that relate to this particular and special time.

Other products

We manufacture much more than soap products! IMCA Company is also a producer of household chemistry.