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We manufacture much more than soap products! IMCA Company is also a producer of household chemistry. The professional HEAVY DUTY line is dedicated to clients who seek quality cleaning products for use in industrial plants and service garages. We offer a very efficient gel paste with micro-granules and hand-care cream for cleaning very dirty hands. The gel paste not only effectively removes heavy greases, soot, oils and paints, but also cares for hands thanks to a unique formula containing a moisturizing cream. Another professional product from the HEAVY DUTY line is the PAINT KILLER gel paste that removes all types of dirt and is specially designed to remove persistent paint stains. Our PAINT KILLER gel paste is extremely effective yet still gentle for your hands. No dryness or skin irritation after use! The Heavy Duty line also includes: Car Shampoo, Multi-Surface Cleaner and Pressure Washer Cleaner. Find out more about our professional HEAVY DUTY products at: www.bhppasta.eu. A truly unique and outstanding product in our offer is: SanitinaS®, real soap with amazing disinfectant properties. The product is high-quality glycerin soap with the addition of a patented, unique combination of active ingredients, thanks to which the product successfully combats mycosis and yeast infections of the feet as well as bacterial skin infections. It is for daily use. It does not produce any undesirable effects on human skin, as it is often the case of traditional disinfectant products. SanitinaS® cleans and disinfects human skin, and keeps the skin soft (due to a high content of glycerin, the product optimally moisturizes the skin). This product and its packaging should be handled like other soap products for daily skin care.


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